Welcome to the real yOGi!

I believe the world needs more OG yogis. Real yOGis! I am excited to share with you my simple, holistic approach to yoga and show you how to maximize your overall health and wellness by using the key messages of the OG yogis.

Explore the yOGi brand which includes clothing, custom yoga mats and accessories. The yOGi brand was created to build and unite a community of mindful, confident and empowered people, real yOGi’s!

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I want to send out a special thank you to all of the beautiful people you see on my website. These people are my friends and family and are part of my yOGi Warrior Tribe. They graciously volunteered their time and radiance to help me showcase my yOGi brand and to support me in highlighting what it means to be a real yOGi.

We are all real people living real lives. No paid models, filters or fake backdrops were used for this photoshoot. yOGi is about being real and showcasing everyone’s real inner and outer beauty. Thank you to all my beautiful yOGi Warriors.

A special thank you to Carolyn, our amazing photographer, who captured the essence of yOGi.  

~ Shalyn
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