Position: Teacher

Hi, I’m Diana Afonso!

Over a decade ago I was introduced to yoga through a fitness gym that I was attending. At that point in my life, I only saw yoga as being a means of exercise. Fast forward a few years plus having a child, I was brought back to yoga at a studio that opened near my home. I went to a magical restorative class, and I saw that yoga was so much more than fitness.  That’s when I became totally hooked!

I have had the privilege of training in a multitude of areas working in the yoga world. Every time I step on my mat, it’s an opportunity for growth.

As a facilitator, I’m always encouraging my students to show up and honour THEIR practice, whatever that looks like for them, on that day.  Holding space for others and watching them grow, is such a gift.

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat.

Much love,

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