Position: Teacher

Hi, I am Jessica

From a young age, I was drawn towards a spiritual way of living and mind body connection. I loved yoga right from the start, exploring many different styles. When I started practicing Vinyasa yoga, the fluidity, beauty and meditative qualities captured my heart. Savasana was mind blowing to me, I fell in love with mediation.

I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years on and off. Always coming back to the practice has kept me light and grounded. Whenever I feel lost, I come back to yoga to find my authentic self. I began my teaching journey two years ago with the intention to help spark the light in everyone I practice with . As one of us lights up, it sparks something in another and we rise up together.

Through a lighthearted approach to teaching, I aim to bring out the inner light in everyone who practices with me. My classes can vary from a sweaty vinyasa to a soothing restorative class to help present the balance that closely mirrors our lives. My favourite poses are child’s and warrior 2.

Be the light ✨

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